Whole Blood CRP LIT Assay for Point of Care Testing

The next generation of Whole Blood CRP LIT Assay was developed for quantitative determination CRP for point of care testing (POCT-CRP).

Good Biotech Corp. is dedicated to the development of a brand new generation of Whole Blood CRP LIT Assay (REF: KT-0301-W) which enables precise and accurate quantitative determination of CRP (C-reactive protein) in whole blood, serum and plasma samples. In the past, quantitative measurement CRP in POCT by use small size / bench top chemistry analyzers is un-usual and rare due to suffering from reagents were not adaptable to the use of whole blood samples. Thanks to the unique advantages of duck IgY antibodies, we break through the bottleneck and developed this immediate Whole Blood CRP LIT Assay. By using single one assay kit  (REF: KT-0301-W) and one calibrator   (REF: 2510) , normal range CRP and low range CRP can be determined from whole bloood ,serum and plasma specimens.


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 Immediate Testing for CRP Concentration; Fastest in the industry

The Whole Blood CRP LIT Assay is simple, rapid, convenient and adaptable to general clinic chemistry analyzers, in particular for the applications on POCT use compact analyzers. Moreover, the use of whole blood as samples for CRP measurement is time-saving and eliminates the step of serum-sample preparation. Through the cutting edge technology, measuring CRP concentration is only two to three minutes, enabling in-hospital immediate testing for inflammation diagnosis. Near-patient monitoring of CRP in real time is important and beneficial for improve patient care. Thus the assay is most suitable for point of care testing.


Major Features
  1. Good Biotech Corp. Whole blood CRP LIT Assay (REF: KT-0301-W) is intended to be used for the quantitative determination of C-reactive protein in whole blood, serum and plasma by latex particle enhanced immunoturbidimetry (LIT). The measurement of C-reactive protein aids in evaluation and detection of the amount of infection, tissue injury, inflammatory disorders and associated diseases.
  2. The one and only one IgY-based Human CRP Immunoassay in the world. A novel antibody-duck IgY(ΔFc), has been employed in the Whole Blood CRP LIT assay. Duck anti-CRP IgY(ΔFc) is coupled to latex microparticles, which amplify the antigen-antibody reaction and thus greatly increase the detection sensitivity. Without the Fc domain, duck IgY(ΔFc) will not cross-react with the following factors which are common interferences for immunoassay: Complement, HAMA , Human IgG ,RF/ASO and Fc receptors etc. The sensitivity, precision, and accuracy of the assay can be highly improved by using duck IgY(ΔFc) as the material of immunodiagnostic reagents.
  3. The test is completed within 2-3 minutes by quantitative measurement of the degree of agglutination using a bench-top analyzer in small and medium-sized laboratories or doctors' offices as well as an automated chemistry analyzer (e.g. Hitachi series) in central laboratories. Besides, the use of whole blood for CRP measurement eliminates the need for sample centrifugation or transportation and thus is most suitable for rapid point-of-care testing.
  • The technology platform of duck IgY(ΔFc) is solely owned by Good Biotech Corp. ; the manufacturing and the applications of duck IgY(ΔFc) antibody is patent-protected worldwide including all the major and dominant markets. 


Major Specifications*


Liquid stable, Ready-to-use reagent.


Both single-reagent and two-reagent formats are avaliable


General clinical chemistry analyzer (auto & bench-top)


Specially for POCT devices


LIT (latex microparticle enhanced immonoturbidimetry)

Sample type:

Whole blood (capillary or venous whole blood), serum and plasma

Sample volume:


Wave length:

660nm, single wave length

Assay time:

96-168 seconds

Assay range:

Reliable assay range of   1.3-230 mg/L (whole blood)


Reliable assay range of   0.6-200 mg/L (serum/plasma)


<1.0 mg/L (whole blood)


<1.0 mg/L (serum/plasma)

Detection limit:

1.3 mg/L (whole blood)


0.6 mg/L (serum/plasma)

Antigen excess:

In whole blood and serum/plasma, no hook effect up to 1000 mg/L


Single set calibrator


Good correlation with other commercial latex kits.

*Abovementioned results were obtained by Hitachi 917 (7170) analyzers. 

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